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BDO Loot Counter

Free BDO Loot Counter Alpha 2

No permission to download
This is a tool that will look at your screen looking for the images you setup in

Once it founds the image, it will count up.
So far it detects 2 items, Ancient Language Scroll & Caphras Stones.
You can change the images in
folder but retain the filename in order for it to work because filenames are hardcoded.

Video Example:

Future plans for this app:
- Movable window
- Auto Save Loot Counts upon closing of app
- Option to send Loot Counts into discord using webhook
- Configuration tool for changing the Texts of the app in case you will change the loot name.

Known Issue
The ImageSearch function I am using is the same in Fishbot Ark. Meaning its junkie and sometimes it may not work properly.
To resolve this:
- Restart the app.
- If it still not working after restart, close the app. Screenshot then crop another images and replace the old images in



Good Luck,
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Changelog: 22th Jul 2022

    added profiles added config Profile Names are saved on separate folders inside /Profiles/...
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