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CrayonCode BDO Fishing

Free CrayonCode BDO Fishing 2.0.0 Beta

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Fishing Module
  • Multiple-language support for fish-bot (EN, FR, DE)
  • Autofishes and completes fishing minigame
  • Classifies loot (Rarity, Specials, Event items)
  • Supports Kamasylvia Part 1 fish and specials including note in bottle
  • Supports custom image files to catch by putting an image in the res folder, ask on discord for instructions
  • Equip/discard fishingrods from Inventory (only discards unrepairable)
  • Uses buff food
  • Keeps track of your fishing stats
  • Stops when Free and Reserved Inventory is full or no fishing rods are available.
  • Reserve additional relic slots to stop fishing and only get event items and relics for long periods of fishing
  • Userfriendly GUI
  • Feed Workers
  • Fish Drying feature
  • Improved error feedback
  • Full External - No Ban Risk

Processing Module
  • Processes timber, planks, ore, melted shards
  • Can create custom processes to make bronze, brass, steel
  • Multiple buff support
  • Feed Workers
  • Full External - No Ban Risk

Marketplace Module
  • Snipes individual items on the marketplace
  • Milks Cows
  • Full External - No Ban Risk

Test Modules
  • Processing costume support
  • Auto-Restart (D/C detection)
  • Container support for processing
  • Multiple item sniper for marketplace
  • Proper milk support
  • Desert digging support
  • Full External - No Ban Risk
  • Latest AutoIt
  • English/French/German Client (NA/EU) and 100% UI Scale. NO CUSTOM FONTS.
  • This doesn't work in the background, since it's screen-reading.
  • You could smack it on VMWare but that's probably going to end up being unstable.
  • All attendance rewards accepted:
  • (image on the right must be absent) OR a high resolution game where the icon doesn't obstruct any text.
Processing Requirements:
  • Storage auto-arrange must be turned ON.
  • Inventory auto-arrange must be turned OFF with the first 4 inventory slots EMPTY or with non-character bound items.
  • SAVE settings after any changes otherwise they won't apply!
  • All QUESTS from the NPC must be accepted prior!

  • For custom processing, use round numbers for BATCH and MAX.
  • Basically the bot will do #MAX of #BATCH items.
  • So if MAX was 100, and BATCH was 10, it will do 10 rounds of 10 items.
  • For example: You have 3651 Birch Lumber, BATCH would be 500, MAX 3500.

Marketplace Requirements:
  1. Standing next to a warehouse with Transport Option.
  2. Auto-Sort for the Warehouse must be ENABLED.
  3. Auto-Sort for the Inventory must be DISABLED.
  4. The first 4 Player Inventory will be used for the processing.
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