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Global Ventilation

Premium Membership Global Ventilation 2.6.0

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  • Menu (Borderless Fullscreen only)
  • Aimbot
    • Flat Aim: Write to view angles
    • Path aim: Mouse movement
    • Group aimbot settings (Pistol/Rifle/Sniper/Shotgun/SMG)
    • Individual aimbot settings (AK/M4/etc)
    • Aim bone, force bone, aim on shot, speed, FOV, strictness, smoothness
    • (non-silent) Perfect aim, customizable FOV and % chance to activate
    • Backtrack: Shoot enemies up to 200 ms back in time
  • RCS
    • RCS for all weapons, customizable X & Y accuracy
    • Types: Legacy and Stable
    • Customizable recoil crosshair, type/width/length/positioning/color
    • Apply RCS after # shots fired
  • Visuals
    • Radar
      • Legit radar
    • Glow (Normal, Model, Visible, Visible Flicker)
      • Teammates, Enemies, Weapons, Grenades, Bomb, Bomb Carrier, Aimbot Target
    • clrRender chams
      • Teammates, Enemies, Self, Aimbot Target
    • Arrow indicators
      • Teammates, Enemies, Weapons, Grenades, Bomb, Bomb Carrier, Defusers
    • Box (Name, Health, Armor, Helmet, Kevlar, Weapon, Money, Ammo, Flashed, Scoped)
      • Teammates, Enemies, Defusers, Weapons
    • Skeleton
      • Teammates, Enemies
    • Snaplines
      • Teammates, Enemies, Weapons, Bomb, Bomb Carrier, Defuse Kits
    • Footsteps
      • Teammates, Enemies
    • Hitmarker
    • Nade tracer
    • FOV Changer
    • Skin Changer
    • Spread Circle
    • Head Level Helper
    • Player ESP
  • Bone Trigger
    • FOV, InCross
    • Customizable for each weapon category (Pistol/Rifle/Sniper/Shotgun/SMG)
    • Aimbot on activation
    • Optional trigger key
    • Initial shot delay
    • Between shots delay
    • Shoot at backtrack
  • Danger Zone compatible
  • Misc
    • Knife bot
    • Hitsounds
    • Bomb timer (Text Menu, Visual Bars)
    • Spectator list (Text Menu)
    • Optional sniper/scoped crosshair
    • Reduced flash
    • Bunny hop
    • Auto strafe
    • Fast stop
    • Last second bomb defusal
    • Door spam
    • Weapon spam
    • Nade helper
    • Self nade
    • Kill bind
    • Disable Post Processing
    • Temporary name change
    • Music kit changer

Java SE
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Changelog: 2nd Jan 2023

    Update to v2.6.0 Compatibility Patch for latest Game Build Loader updated ESP Module updated...
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