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Lost Ark Fishing Bot

Free Lost Ark Fishing Bot

No permission to download


  • Auto Fishing
  • Auto Repair by Rod Swapping
  • Auto Repair by Remote Repair (Premium Buff ingame)
  • Auto Close game by Timer
  • Auto Close game if no more energy points<Gathering>
  • Auto Gather resources
  • Swapping channels if resource is missing
  • Auto Close game by Timer
  • Auto Close game if no more energy points

  • Auto Healing
  • Normal healing method
  • Emergency healing method

  • Auto Healing is not recommended for dungeons (yet)
  • Some features are in the bot already but is currently disabled due to further testing.
  • More features will be added in future updates.
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Latest updates

  1. Changelog: 16th Apr 2022

    (NOTICE) <Detection> EAC now detects SendInput, SendMessage & PostMessage as per testing...
  2. Changelog: 27th Mar 2022

    Hotfix: idle detection timer.
  3. Changelog: 27th Mar 2022

    (Idle Detection) <FEATURE> Idle detection is a system that I wrote to detect if the player is...

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very nice
Great. hoping to have free chaos dungeon runs too
We have already released a FREE Chaos Dungeon bot.
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