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Premium Membership Rafted 1.0.0

No permission to download


Player Menu
  • Display all players connected
  • Display Health, Thirst, Oxygen, Hunger
  • Teleport To Player
  • Teleport Player To Me [Host Only]
  • Revive [Host Only]
ESP Menu
  • Raft (Label/Lines)
  • Players (Skeleton, Boxs, Labels)
  • Entitys (Boxs, Lines)
  • PickupItems (Labels, Fade with distance)
  • Modify ESP Distance
Control Menu
  • Kill Shark [Host Only]
  • Damage Shark [Host Only]
  • Revive Players [Host Only]
  • Restore Stats
  • Anchor Raft [Host Only]
  • Teleport To Raft
  • God Mode
  • Flying Raft [Host Only]
  • Localplayer Fly
Spawn Menu
  • Item Spawn Buttons
  • Custom Spawn by Unique Name
Speed Hack Menu
  • Walking, Sprinting, Swimming Speed Hack
  • Jump Height Increaser

Use the provided injector
Select Process and browse to the assembly to inject (Rafted.dll)
Use the following settings.. -- Namespace: Rafted -- Class name: Loader -- Method name: init
Press inject

Insert Key - Show/Hide Menu End Key - Unload DLL File safely
First release
Last update
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