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  • YouTube default, live streaming and YouTube Music support
  • Multithreaded and Dynamic thread support
  • Auto download updated chrome driver whenever user's Google Chrome version is updated
  • Patch chrome driver on the start of every thread by undetected-chromedriver
  • Proxy support
    • location : text file (must be on path) / proxy API (should work with most of the proxy providers)
    • type : http, https, socks4, socks5
    • proxy refresh after a certain time specified by the user
    • rotating proxy support
  • chrome v80+ randomized user agent based on platform
  • canvas,audio,font,webgl fingerprint defender and IP leak prevent by webrtc control
  • geolocation, timezone, referer spoofing
  • can add extra extensions in the extension/custom_extension/ folder
  • direct link or search keyword on YouTube then watch the video by matching exact video title
  • modify urls.txt, search.txt and config.json on the fly without restarting program
  • HTTP api on localhost and a database to store view count
  • config.json to save settings
  • bypass consent page and several other pop up
  • save bandwidth by reducing video quality
  • can set higher (100%) watch duration percentage to increase Watch time, change playback speed
  • Python 3.7.x-3.9.x
  • High speed Internet Connection
  • Good proxy list (http, https, socks4, socks5)
  • Google Chrome installed on your OS (not Chromium)

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  1. Changelog: 8th Feb 2023

    Update to Beta 3 Proxy Scraper updated Compatible with python 3.10 and 3.11 search.txt can now...
  2. Changelog: 14th Jan 2023

    Update to Beta 2 Proxy Scraper added