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GPS Ninja-Joystick - You've got Error 12 ?

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Mar 2, 2022
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So, you've got Error 12 showing up or your character is randomly sprinting like Usain Bolt?
Check these steps to know how to fix it!

Rubber-banding is when your GPS drifts back to your real location causing your character to keep jumping between the mocked location and the real one.

Let's go over all options and settings you can take to prevent rubber-banding or error 12.

1. The Joystick: (AppNinja)
First and foremost, we do not want to systemize your joystick. Now that we've established this, go ahead and put the app in 'Mock Locations' in 'Developer Options'.

Now simply, go to the joysticks settings, and please assure yourself that the following options are OFF:
Suspended Mocking;
Auto Suspend Location;
Indirect Mocking;
System Mode.

Now test if the rubberband stopped, if it continues do the next step below.

2. System Settings:
Let's head over to 'Location' in settings, the name and location may vary.

Simply turn OFF:
Google Location Accuracy,
Google Location Sharing,
Google Location History,
Emergency Location Services,
both Nearby Bluetooth
and Nearby WiFi scanning.

3.0. Mock Handling for devices running Android 11 or above:
If you are using Magisk 24.0 or above, grab LSposed from the link below (Current):

If you are using Magisk 23.0 or below, install riru and LSposed as modules from here:

And Mock Mock locations from here:

3.1. Install them both by going to the Modules tab in Magisk (buttom right corner) and reboot the phone.
3.2. Remove the SmaliPatcher module at this point and reboot the phone.
3.3 After the phone reboots it will ask you to add the LSposed shortcut to the homescreen, do it.
3.4 Install the mockmocklocations apk. Open the LSPosed app. Click Modules jigsaw
→ Mock Mock Locations → Enable Module → 3 dots menu on the top right corner → Hide → Uncheck Games → white_check_mark Pokémon GO/Ingress.
3.5. Reboot the phone once more. You can now spoof! But keep going, the next steps are also important.

These should be sufficient enough to 100% prevent error 12 or rubber-banding, on most devices, if... not... all!
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