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Spoofing Hot Spots & Event Coords March 21, 2022

Mar 2, 2022
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[1] PGSharp for FREE and Paid Key users

  1. Go to the Maps
  2. Press on GPX > Allow access to photos, media, and files.
  3. Select a .GPX file from GPX Routes 01-01-2021 folder.
  4. Press White Star to favorite it.
  5. Press on A to B or B to A depending on which direction you want to go.
  6. Press Play (white triangle)
  7. Press on "I know" for Teleport popup. This only appears once.
  8. Press X (top-right).
  9. Make sure your speed is 9.3 km/h.
  10. To pause your GPX Route, you open the Map and press the Pause symbol (Two White rectangles).
  11. If you want to stop your routes, you open the Map and press the X symbol.

[2] GPS Joystick by Apps Ninja

  1. Open GPS Joystick
  2. Press the 3 white lines for settings.
  3. Press on GPX Import / Export then IMPORT
  4. Select a .GPX file.
  5. Press on WayPoints.
  6. Press on the Green Circle button.
  7. Press on CREATE ROUTE FROM ALL then you will see the map of the route.
  8. Press on SAVE ROUTE then type a name then SAVE.
  9. Press on the Back White Arrow (top-left corner) 2 times.
  10. Under "Select an option to get started", press on Set Route.
  11. Select the route you just saved; newest route added will be at the bottom.
  12. If the route you import does not appear, press the 3 white lines for settings.
  13. Press on Routes.
  14. Scroll down to find your newest imported route then press on it.
  15. Now it should appear in that route box under "Select an option to get started".

[3] Fake GPS Joystick and Routes Go

1: Go to Settings (3 white dots) in FakeGPS Route app.
2: Press on "Routes"
3: Press on folder icon (top-right corner) then allow access to photos, media, and files.
4: Select a .GPX file.



  • GPX Routes 03-21-2022.zip
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